Content Management

CMS (Content Management Systems)

Content Management Systems allow you (the website owner) to control the content from the desktop computer in your office (or home) without any coding skills whatsoever. If you can use Microsoft Word you should be able to create new pages, add/edit/delete text and pictures within your own site.

Content is managed using a simple interface like this…

Typical CMS Interface (Click image to enlarge in new window)

More advanced systems let you create new menus and add newsletters, search boxes, private members areas and many other features.

Nineteen to the Dozen have been developing content management systems (CMS) for over 5 years, producing bespoke appications and developing websites using popular open source platforms such as Drupal, Joomla and Word Press!

The company has an indepth knowledge and understanding of the capabilities and scope of each package and are expertly positioned to advise which platform will suite your particular requirements.

Nineteen to the Dozen’s bespoke extensions ensure your project can be delivered with the ultimate mix of bespoke application programming and a cost effective base platform to take care of the standard functionality you would expect. This will allow your project the flexibility to stay within your budget and achive your objectives!