Domain Names

Here at iQh we can provide everything you need to make your website work on the internet including instant domain name registrations, business class hosting and e-mail accounts.

Domain Names
Internet users access your website via your domain name. A domain name is a unique text name corresponding to the numeric IP address or location on the Internet (the addresss where your website is held  on a server).

When you buy domain names they also need to be managed. Many people say they have bought a domain name for just a few pounds but have no idea where the domain is currently held or which server it’s pointing at (if any).

Our domain management ensures you do not lose your name by missing renewals. It also includes the admin costs of raising the renewal invoice.

Domain Costs  &
cost £25.00 per annum to buy, set up and maintain

.com  .net  .org  .biz  .info  .name  .eu
cost £35.00 per annum to buy, set up and maintain

.tv  .mobi  .cc
cost £45.00 per annum to buy, set up and maintain

(These will be invoiced annually.)
Please Note
If you would like iQh to manage your domain names, please allow us to purchase them on your behalf. Purchasing domains yourself may offer a tiny saving on the domain name cost but often adds transfer delays and sometimes additional costs to transfer them from another provider to our control panel. If you are proficient in DNS settings you are welcome to manage your own domain name.